Best cPanel and Plesk Alternative Web Hosting Provider

Are you tired of cPanel or Plesk web hosts? Do you think cPanel is insecure? In addition, Plesk interface can appear a bit overwhelming to a novice user, and be slightly harder to navigate. Need an alternative control panel for your hosting? Try the non-cPanel, non-Plesk web hosts below. These web hosting companies are not just proud of their own control panel but are proven to be technically sound and the best in the industry.


This webhost is known for having very good technical support. They have the most knowledgeable support team among the many bargain hosting out there. WebFaction has simple control panel support for Django, Rails, TurboGears, CherryPy, WordPress, WebDAV, Wikis, Trac, Subversion, and more. Moreover, all the webfaction reviews out there favors this hosting provider. One webfaction review even pointed out that you can hardly find any negative comment about this web host. Go here to see the affordable Webfaction plans available for you. You can even pay month-by-month if you want instead of prepaying in advanced like with most other cheap web hosts.


ICDsoft has the simplest control panel and also the fastest online support we have tested. From our six years of experience with them, they were able to answers queries, even the hard ones, within a few minutes. Although they do not have phone support, their ticket system is very efficient and probably can solve problems faster and cheaper than using any other method. Go here and try their 24-hour response guarantee for their state-of-the-art Tech Support Ticketing System.

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